me2I am an independent game developer and specialist with the Unity game engine.
I’ve been developing games professionally for over 11 years.
I also specialise in procedural generation for games and tools development within the Unity IDE.
I have over 500 5 star ratings as a publisher of Unity Asset Store products by fellow game developers and designers. I have worked hard for over 5 years to achieve this with solid products and friendly customer support.
I have extensive experience in developing localised games for large clients including:
• Disney, Xbox, Lego, BBC, Hot Wheels, Phillips, Panasonic, Skoda, Proctor & Gamble, Chorion and Department for Transport.
I have led the development of many projects as part of a team and delivered outstanding work. I have worked to create processes and documentation to help communication and teamwork between developers, designers, producers. I am a creative problem solver that can resolve issues with no obvious solution. I am able to work under pressure with tight deadlines by managing workload and expectations. I have been involved in projects for the full development life cycle, including; ideation, pitching, brainstorming, scoping, planning, prototyping, build, delivery and maintenance.
I co-founded the London Unity Usergroup which became one of the largest such groups internationally. I have also remained active within the game development community giving talks and workshops on a variety of subjects.

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