Moving to Edinburgh

downloadAs of today we’ve moved to Edinburgh. We’ve said goodbye to London, our friends and family and we’re going to start a new life here in Scotland.
More, if not all of my work will be remote now which will be equally new and old to me after two years in Hong Kong where I didn’t contract but worked on mostly Asset Store products and looked after our daughter.
It’s a very exciting time and we’re looking forward to living in a house after years of living in flats!

Visual Effects on the Avengers Movie

I enjoyed the Avengers movie. It knew what what kind of film it wanted to be and managed to hold itself together with so many protagonist characters running about screen. I ate a lot of popcorn, laughed and said wow at the appropriate moments.
Then I watched this Youtube clip and realised how much work went into making it. Almost nothing was real! I’m not hear to discuss if that’s a bad thing in movies or not. But the technical achievement had my inner geek drooling.
I especially liked the interior mapping thing as I’ve seen and used similar things in Unity already. Check out Aubergine’s shader pack for similar effects right within Unity in real time. It’s a simple premise for a shader really but it works so well!